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Dianne and Andy’s Wedding

Can you remember the exact time you met someone? Dianne and Andy met on the stroke of midnight on 1st January 2010 at the Party Party nightclub in Carlisle.  A few days after that they met again and later that year they moved in together.  Seven years later they are...

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Evolution Dance Photography

Following on from successfully capturing Dance Factor photos I was really pleased to be asked by Wendy Boothman and Jack Dunn to take photos at the first Evolution Dance Festival. Evolution involved students from 7 Carlisle primary schools along with 130 students from...

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Chloe & James’ Wedding

Chloe and James met at a work event - a quick hello and a casual chat led to James knowing he wanted to get to know Chloe better.  A few weeks later and they had met up a few times and after time knew they should be together.  They are both laid back in their approach...

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Gemma & Bens Wedding

I've know Gemma and Ben for at least 5 years, having first met them when I went to a pub that Gemma was working in, within the wilds of Cumbria to take newborn photos of their first daughter Khloe.  Gemma and Ben had first met in the pub and became friends.  One day...

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Kerrie & Andy’s Wedding

Lady Gillford`s House in Carlisle, or the Carlisle Registry Office as most people know it, is a beautiful place to get married.  The house was built in 1829, and is now named after Lady Gillford who lived there for several years in the early 20th century. In June 2011...

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Autumn Outdoor Photos

Thank goodness Christmas has now passed as I'm able to share photos without spoiling grandparent's surprises. I met this little boy and his mum in November as Autumn was moving to an close.  The leaves has mostly fallen off the trees but the grass was covered in a...

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Denise and Malcolm

Sometimes weddings are a bit like buses, you get a month where none come along, and then in the space of a day you get two people asking about the same date.  That was exactly what happened with Denise and Malcolm. I had just booked a wedding and then a friend that I...

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