7 top tips for dressing Grooms and Groomsmen

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Wedding Advice, Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer I spend a lot of time with grooms and groomsmen who are getting ready on their wedding day.  Time after time I have to assist in knotting ties or show the lads how cuff links are put on, as many of the guys either have never used them, or have forgotten.  With that in mind I thought it was time to put a blog post together especially for the grooms and groomsmen out there in internet world.

So Before the wedding day

  • Make sure at least one of the groomsmen can tie a tie
  • Make sure you open all the pockets of your suit (preferably before the day) – I’ve no idea why most pockets in suits are sewn shut but they are and one wedding day I’ve seen so many different items used to cut open the pockets, some having resulted in not just the pocket being cut, but in the lining being cut through leaving a big hole in the pocket.
  • Have a look at the back of your suit, are the flaps stitched together, or have a plastic tag through them?  If so they probably need cut.
  • Learn how to put a pocket square in your pocket
  • Learn how to put your cuff links in
  • Tie pins dont just clip on to the tie.  They often attach on to the shirt as well.
  • Button hole flowers – how do you attach them to a jacket and what side do they go on.

I hope some of this advice will come in useful, so on the morning of your wedding you aren’t busy googling some of the things above, but instead getting ready for the wedding.

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