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Gretna Weddings are always great for a wedding photographer

I love finding out the stories behind why Gretna has been chosen and working with the couple to ensure their wedding goes the way they want.  My advantage is that being based very close to Gretna that if a couple are coming from outside of the area I have contacts for all sorts of wedding services, and in the past, I have been asked for recommendations for cake suppliers, hairdressers, make up artists to name but a few.

Craig and Nicola live in Cheshire.  Like many couples, they met over the internet and had a first date in Nantwich.  They got on really well and started looking for a venue.  At the time Craig’s mum was ill with motor neurone disease and they thought it was best to get married in Gretna and bring all the families together.  Unfortunately, Craig’s mum passed away some time before the wedding but they carried on with the plan and as the couple says bringing all the family together from Yorkshire and Cheshire into Gretna means that no one can escape.

Gretna has a number of places to get married.  Craig and Nicola decided to get married in the romantic setting of the Anvil Hall and then have their reception at the Gretna Chase Hotel.

Nicola and Craig had only seen the photos on my website before they got in touch.  We talked via email and phone and they decided to book my services.  A few months before the wedding I met up with them on what we hoped would be a great day for a pre-wedding photo session, but unfortunately, the heavens opened and we ended up spending a great afternoon in a coffee shop in the middle on Nantwich.  During the chat, I asked the couple what they love about each other.  When I asked Nicola she said, “I love that Craig puts up with me, as I’m his worst nightmare at times, He’s funny, caring and just fab!”  Craig said “I love Nik, she has a mind of her own, doesn’t shy away from opinions, strong-minded and to me a challenge.  I love the times we spend away and she has a lovely side”

The day of the wedding was a bright beautiful day, perhaps a bit too hot, but everyone was glad of the cool and shade in the Anvil hall, and then glad of the air conditioning in the bar at the Gretna Chase.

If you are thinking of getting married in Gretna, or in the surrounding areas then please do have a look at my reviews and get in touch


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