Carlisle Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography in Carlisle

Luxury boudoir Photo sessions take place in our studio in Denton Holme, Carlisle. Allan and Yvette both take photographs, and the session can also include hair styling as well as makeup for the full experience. 

Boudoir photo sessions are for all body types and offer a unique opportunities for you to embrace your body, boost self confidence and create stunning photographs for yourself or a partner. Boudoir is not just about showing off your body, but showing and expressing your inner self and beauty.

Before the photo session we discuss your vision, preferences and any concerns you may have.  We then use our experience in posing, lighting and styling combined with any ideas you may have to create some amazing art.  Don’t worry we won’t share your photos unless you give us permission 🙂

Boudoir sessions empower women.  Every women who steps in front of the camera walks away more confident and appreciative of herself.


Boudoir photograph of a lady in lingerie lying on a bed


They never push you.  If you don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to do a certain pose they are more than happy to work to your ability and comfort zones.




Boudoir photo sessions start from only £50 and this includes the photo session (either in the studio or outdoors), a complimentary mounted 7″ x 5″ photograph of your choice.  You can then purchase individual photos or one of the packages below


Mini Boudoir Session

Lady in red lingerie

Pre shoot consultation

1 hour Photo Session in the studio

2 outfit limit

One printed 7″ x 5″ mounted Photo

Password-protected online photo gallery

Ability to purchase photos, Albums or Wall Art


Standard Boudoir Experience

Boudoir photo of a lady in red underwear lying on her front on the bed

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Complimentary Hair and Makeup (Includes lashes)

2-hour Photo Session in the studio

4 outfit limit

One printed 7″ x 5″ mounted photo

Password-protected online photo gallery

Ability to purchase photos, albums or wall art


Ultimate Boudoir Experience

Boudoir photograph of a lady sitting in lingerie on a chaise lounge

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Complimentary Hair and Makeup (Includes Lashes)

3-hour Photo Session in the studio

5 Outfit Limit

One printed 7″ x 5″ mounted photo

Password-protected online photo gallery

All edited images on a USB stick.

Ability to purchase albums or wall art






ADDITIONAL DIGITAL IMAGES – £25 each or £275 for the whole gallery

Why Choose Keltic Rose Boudoir for Boudoir Photography?

Welcome to Keltic Rose Boudoir, where we believe every individual deserves to embrace and celebrate their unique beauty through the art of boudoir photography. Our studio is committed to providing an exceptional experience that goes beyond capturing stunning images. Here are five compelling reasons why you should choose Keltic Rose Boudoir:

1. Professional Expertise

At Keltic Rose Boudoir, photographers Allan and Yvette bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to every photoshoot. With a passion for boudoir photography and years of expertise, we are dedicated to creating images that showcase your beauty in the best possible light.  If you require make up and hair styling we have a great professional team.

2. Creative Vision

Step into a world of creativity with Keltic Rose Boudoir. Allan and Yvette are artists with a keen eye for unique compositions, lighting, and poses. We believe in turning your boudoir session into an artistic experience, resulting in photographs that tell your story beautifully.

3. Inclusivity and Diversity

Our studio celebrates diversity in all its forms. We pride ourselves on providing an inclusive environment where individuals of every shape, size, background, and identity feel not just welcomed, but celebrated. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful, and we are here to capture that essence.

4. Tailored Experiences

We understand that each client is unique, and so are their preferences. We work closely with you to tailor the boudoir session to your specific style, comfort level, and desired themes. Whether it’s a classic, sensual, or playful vibe you’re seeking, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

5. High-Quality Final Products

Expect nothing but the best when it comes to the final products. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, professionally edited images is unwavering. From digital files to exquisite photo albums, we ensure that your boudoir photographs are timeless keepsakes that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Keltic Rose Boudoir. Contact us today to schedule your personalized boudoir session and let us create images that reflect the beautiful, confident, and empowered individual that you are.

Boudoir Photo Sessions start from only £50 and this includes the photo session, a complimentary mounted 7″ x 5″ photograph of your choice.


At Ease

Thank you Yvette and Allan, from the moment I walked in I felt totally at ease.  They prepared me well for the photo session.  I really enjoyed it, and both had a great sense of humour, making it real fun


How it works

1. Agree and arrange a date

At this time you need to pay the deposit fee which secures your date. This is £50 and I send an invoice for you to pay via credit card, bank transfer, or we can arrange for you to come to the studio with cash.

2. Before the Photo Session

We will send you a questionnaire asking your comfort level, and what you are thinking of bringing to wear.  All lingerie worn is brought by yourself, so that you know you are comfortable wearing it. 

3. On the day

.On the date agreed come along to the studio either on your own or with a friend for support.  We recommend this isn’t your partner.  Remember to bring your clothes, shoes and some accessories eg necklaces.

4. Hair and makeup

If you have chosen one of our experiences with hair styling and makeup then we will have asked about this prior to the session.  The first thing you will do is meet our hair stylist and then our makeup artist who will transform your looks

5. During the Photo Session

During the photo session, both Allan and Yvette will be taking photographs.  They will help suggest poses that work with your personality and body shape type, and will show you exactly what to do, and talk you through everything you need to know.  

They will always make sure you are comfortable with the poses and are not showing more of your body than you have said you are comfortable with.  If at any time you are not keen on a pose you just need to say and they will quickly move on to another.

6. At the end of the session

At the end of the photo session if there is any further session fees to pay this will be taken. This can again be paid by card, bank transfer, or cash.

5. Viewing your images

Up to 2 weeks later I put your photos in a password-protected area, give you the password and you can choose your complimentary 7″ x 5″ photo. Prices for the products can be found on my products page

6. After ordering images

Once you have ordered your photographs sit back and a couple of weeks later I will in most cases hand deliver your pictures. If you need a photo urgently let me know and we will see what can be done.

Lady in blue underwear standing and looking away from the camera



Maternity Photoshoot in Carlisle studio

Maternity Photoshoot in Carlisle studio

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