37 weeks maternity studio photo shoot

by | Jan 13, 2019 | Newborn Photography, Portrait Photography

Cheryl contacted me after her first scan to talk about having a maternity photo shoot and I advised it was best to wait until at least after 32 weeks before we took the photos.  We actually took the photos when Cheryl was 37 weeks pregnant. As I type this little Isla has just been born at 40 + 6 weeks and I look forward to meeting her very soon.  She was born on Cheryl’s sister, Kerryann’s birthday.

I asked Cheryl to tell me a little about her and Iain – “Iain and I met when he was at college with my brother, 22 years ago.  We finally got together on Christmas Day 2004.  It took until the August of 2013 for us to get engaged at V Festival.  We then got married in the may of 2015 at the Greenhills Hotel, near Wigton.

After 14 years in a relationship, Iain and I now have our first child, Isla, together, a sister for my step daughter,16year old Becca.  We found out at the 20 week scan we were having a girl and were both over the moon. I decided I really wanted a maternity photo shoot so that I had photos to remember the bump phase and now Isla is here it’s lovely to see how she turned out from being in there just a couple of days ago!”

All images were taken at the Keltic Rose Photography Photo Studio which is in Denton Holme, Carlisle.  If you are interested in a maternity photoshoot then do get in touch as soon after your scan as possible.

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