Premature baby comes to Keltic Rose Photography for a newborn photoshoot

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Newborn Photography

Skylar-Jo wanted to arrive in the world early, and she certainly did it with style.  Her mum Courtney had already been transferred to a hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne and dad Aaron was trying everything he could to stay over there and then three months early it happened.  Skylar-Jo was born weighing 1lb 14oz such a tiny baby but full of life and prepared to fight everything the world could throw at her.

After ten weeks in special care baby units (SCBU) in both Newcastle and Carlisle Skylar was up to 10lb and was able to be allowed home just before Christmas, making a special Christmas present for all the family.

On the 27th December Skylar-Jo came to visit Keltic Rose Photography‘s Carlisle studio for a newborn photoshoot.  Ten weeks is usually classed as very old for newborn photoshoots but it always worth trying for babies who have spent so much time in SCBU.  Skylar wasn’t the first SCBU baby that Allan from Keltic Rose photography had taken newborn photos of, but was definitely the smallest when she was born.

The newborn photoshoot took around two hours and all the time the room was kept to a hot temperature so that Skylar went into a deep sleep and didn’t feel the cold when she was posing with no clothes on.  After a good feed she slept for most of the two hours and Allan was able to take a number of photos.


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