Heather Glen County House Wedding

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I Loved this Heather Glen County House Wedding

Awad and Paula got married earlier this year at the amazing Heather Glen Country House, which is an old Victorian County House close to Carlisle where the Lake District meets the Pennines.  They chose the venue because it was lovely, exclusive, fantastic staff and the food was amazing.

The ceremony

The ceremony was held in the West View Room which was added to the hotel in 2016.  From a wedding photographers point of view, it is a beautiful room filled with light from the big glass windows at one end.  The room was filled with family and friends who watched as a number of young bridesmaids and pageboys possessed down the aisle in front of a smiling Paula, the beautiful bride.

The reception

After time for group photos and bridal portraits, the attention turned to the reception.  The tables were all named after things to do with Liverpool football club, like Anfield Road, You’ll never walk alone, Stanley Park etc. and the cake beautifully decorated from the front with white and purple flowers to tie in with the wedding colours, then hidden on the back were red and white flowers as a nod to Liverpool FC.

The couple

The couple met when they both worked for Capita in Kingmoor Park, Carlisle.  Awad had returned to Capita after working elsewhere for a while and was talking to an old colleague he knew from the first stint there and he noticed Paula across the desk.  He told me “It was Paula’s blue eyes that got him hooked and her cute smile”.

A few days later Awad asked his friends “who’s the blonde girl sat over there” to which they said, “You have no chance mate!” He could see where they were coming from but at the same time, he really liked her and wanted to get to know her.  He got his friend who sat opposite her to inquire if she was single and if she was at all interested in the new guy who had just started.  Awad and Paula got talking and started meeting up for lunch and eventually, he got her number (she was playing hard to get!) From then on they haven’t looked back and after five years they still act as if they only met yesterday.  Awad reminds Paula all the time that she is so lucky! 🙂

I asked them what they loved about each other.  Awad said, “I love her eyes, kind heart, the fact she said yes to marrying me, her cleaning skills around the house and her laid back attitude to me watching football without any nagging or moaning!”  Paula said, “She loves his funny humour, curry making skills, love for her and the surprises he likes to get her out of the blue!”  He tells me she also said she was very lucky to have him in her life 😉

What a fantastic couple and what a great day.

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Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planner: Judith from Heather Glen County House

Florist: Emma at Cochranes Nurseries, Longtown

Hair: Slaters Hair

Makeup: Tessa

Cake: Alison Horner from FlourYard

Dress: Carols Bridal Boutique

DJ: Kurth North from Room 101

Catering: Heather Glen Country House




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