Ullswater Winter Pre-Wedding Photo shoot

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I met Anne-Marie and Dan at a car park on the west side of Ullswater in the Lake District on a cold misty morning in January.  The 17th Century farm, not far from Glenridding has evidence of a prehistoric settlement in the form of earthworks.  Ullswater has quite a record of prehistoric settlement and land-use,  probably because it was part of an important route between the northern and southern Lake District valleys.  The first snows of winter had already taken over some of the top fells but by lakeside the ground was a bit damp and very chilly.

Today was the day we had chosen for a pre-wedding photo shoot; a short photo shoot which gets the bride and groom to be used to the sort of things that might happen during their wedding.  It’s a great time for me to meet up with wedding couples and not only talk about the forth coming wedding but also get to know the couple a bit better.  To know what they like, how they interact with each other and how much fun they can be in a relaxed atmosphere.

One of the first things Dan said to me was “I’m not a big fan of photos, but I quite like Ullswater so can I go fishing”.  The first part of this is quite a common reaction, often one of the couple, or sometimes both are not big fans of photographs so the pre-wedding photo shoot is really important to get them over this reaction.  Usually by the end of the session they have come round and feel that it wasn’t such a bad thing.  Anne-Marie was not so keen on going fishing so they decided to put on their welly boots and go for a short walk along the lakeside.

If you fancy a pre-wedding photoshoot somewhere around Carlisle or Cumbria, or even just a fun day out photoshoot then do get in touch with myself, Allan from Keltic Rose Photography

Bride and Groom to be next to Ullswater Happy couple cuddle together for warmth on a winters day Grab a hold and pretend to walk the plank a couple have fun in the lake district Couple look lovingly at each other couple look at each other with snow on the fells in the background Looking at the view of ullswater the couple stand on the bridge Wedding couple enjoy their pre-wedding photoshoot Time to find the car at the end of a pre-wedding photo shoot Cuddle close for warmth as a bride and groom enjoy a pre-wedding photo shoot A lake district pre-wedding photo shoot

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  1. Michaela Warwick

    Gorgeous photos of a lovely couple!


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