Ideas for VE Day 2020 – 75 years since Victory in Europe


Ideas for Celebrating VE Day 2020 at Home

How will you be celebrating VE Day 2020?

This Friday sees a bank holiday to celebrate VE Day – Victory in Europe Day and this year is the 75th celebration year.  It was hoped that they would be big parties all across the UK, with concerts and parades and marches to celebrate the end of the second world war in Europe instead of that we have some ideas for celebration VE Day 2020 ar home, during lockdown..

What is VE Day?

May 8th 1945, was the date Britain and its Allies celebrated victory over the Nazi regime after Germany offered unconditional surrender on the 7th May 1945, thus bringing the war in Europe to an end.  Prime Minister Winston Churchill declared May 8th as a public holiday and Victory in Europe (VE) Day was celebrated with large parties, singing and dancing in the streets.

Ideas for Celebrating VE Day 2020

Lockdown will not stop people from celebrating VE Day!  Events are still being planned all across the UK and here are a few ideas.

Join your neighbours for a Safe Street PartyNo photo description available.

Making sure you follow the social distancing rules you can still enjoy a street party, where everyone takes to their gardens or doorsteps to celebrate together.  Some of the things you might doon the day are on this poster.

English Heritage have put together some great ideas for celebrating

Learn the Lindy Hop

The dance that became popular in wartime Britain due to the US servicemen stationed here.

There are many different moves but the Swing Out is the main one you need to know.

There are some great tutorials on Youtube for basic instructions

Take Away Afternoon Tea

Why not celebrate VE Day with a traditional afternoon tea.  Many local businesses are making afternoon tea.  In Carlisle have a look at The Cumbria Park Hotel who can organise delivery as well as pick up. Grab a blanket and throw it on the lawn and there you have your VE Day picnic.

Decorate your house

Fancy a little bit of colouring fun for yourself or with the kids?  There are loads of great free printable bunting kits around



BBC Great British Bunting

If you haven’t got a printer then why not cut some coloured paper, or cloth out and string it together for some great bunting.

Listen to some classic tracks

The top-secret home of the World War Two codebreakers – Bletchley Park, has put together a Spotify playlist of classics music to help your home celebrations.

Get some practice in for the 9pm We’ll Meet Again  Nationwide sing-a-long, and listen to other songs like Roll out the barrel and Sing as we go,

You can find it the Spotify list here.

Take a VE Day Photograph

Something tells me that VE Day 2020 will be remembered for many years to come with the unusual circumstances of the lockdown to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  Gather all of the people in your house together and take a photograph.  In years to come, you will look back at that photo and remember all the unusual things that have happened this year, whilst hopefully remembering the great VE party you had.  Remember after lockdown Keltic Rose Photography will be taking studio and outdoor photographs with all those family members that you perhaps cannot go and see at the moment.

Stay Safe everyone x

VE Day Celebrations

Winston Churchill Waves to Crowd After V-E Day,End of War in Europe. Photo by Public Domain.



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