Pre-wedding photoshoots included in Carlisle photographer’s wedding packages

by | Jun 2, 2018 | Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding or engagement shoots usually happen up to a month before the wedding and are usually very relaxed and involves going for a short walk around somewhere and taking some photos whilst talking about your up and coming wedding.

A pre-wedding photo shoot can actually help you in a number of ways.  Firstly it helps you to see how we work at Keltic Rose Photography and helps to build trust and a good rapport.  This means that on your wedding day you know what to expect and you feel more comfortable with your photographer and know our style.  Secondly you get to see some photos of yourselves taken by Keltic Rose Photography in poses that are similar to those that we often use during a wedding.

From our side it helps to get to know the couple, your characters, how casual or formal you are together, how affectionate you are with each other, all of this helps to know you both and understand what will work for you.

After the photo shoot we show you the photos online in a password protected folder and we ask a couple of questions, which photos do you love the most, and also which photos are you not quite as keen on, and why.  It is the last question of “and why” that helps understand the sort of photos that work for you, the sort of poses and also your personality.  For example sometimes one of the couple might say I love that photo but look at my arms, I really don’t like my arms (hips, legs, bum or some other part) from that we know this information and will keep that in mind when capturing photos at your wedding.  Whatever you tell us is kept very secret and is all part of the trust relationship that a photographer has with their clients.

Below are some photos from a recent pre-wedding photoshoot with Jo and Doug that took place one Saturday afternoon in local park in Carlisle.  It was a freezing, quite windy day, but hopefully as you can see from the photos we had a lot of fun.  All wedding photography packages from Keltic Rose apart from “Something Simple” include a pre-wedding photoshoot as standard.


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