Pomeranian dog photoshoot by Keltic Rose Photography

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Portrait Photography

Taking photos of people’s pets is always great fun.  Sometimes pets can be fantastic as models, and other times they are quite a handful (like all models).  Over the last few years in the studio in Carlisle I have photographed both cats and dogs.

This photoshoot was of a beautiful, well natured little Pomeranian dog who came in with the owner’s daughter to have some photos taken.

Pomeranian dogs are named after a region in Germany and Poland in Central Europe.  Queen Victoria owned a number of these small dogs and they then became universally popular.

Keeping a model’s attention can always be difficult but it is even worse when they have four legs, thankfully this ball of fluff was so well behaved that Fumfy sat or stood wherever I wanted.  All it took was a little bit of patience and a pocket full of doggy treats.

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