7 tips on what you should wear for your photo shoot

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Portrait Photography

  1. No matter where the photo shoot takes place, be it in a studio or outdoors the main decision on what to wear must be wear something that is going to be comfortable and doesn’t restrict you moving about.
  2. Think about whereabouts in your home you are going to display the photos.  If everyone turns up to the photo shoot wearing red will it go with the blue walls of your home?  What works with your colour scheme?
  3. Should you wear high heels?  Heels are great but if the photo shoot is outdoors you might want to bring some other shoes or boots so you can walk across the field to the space where the photos are going to take place.  You can then change into your heels. In the studio except for model portfolio shoots you are often in stocking or bare feet, but if you want to wear heels in the studio do let us know before hand.
  4. Think about bringing spare clothes, especially if you are bringing children.  A number of customers have brought spare clothes in the car and they can be easily reached if needed.  Let us know if you bring spare clothes as it might give even more variety.
  5. Try to coordinate everyone, but at the same time don’t make them all match exactly, as it can look a bit strange.  Start by choosing a couple of colours that you feel will work with your house colour scheme and that works for the people getting photographed.  Then decide upon a style.  Try to work with block colours, though you can mix in a few people wearing patterns.  The person in the pattern will stand out against the block colours, so maybe for example use this for a girl with her three brothers.
  6. Bring accessories, Scarfs, Beads, Layers all of these things give flexibility to the photo shoot
  7. So what doesn’t work?  Branded clothing often detracts from the faces and the expressions.  Football shirts for example go in and out of fashion so very quickly your photos start to look old and dated.  Solid black they say can be slimming in photos but it doesn’t really pop in the images.  At the end of the day it is your photo shoot, so wear what you want, and have fun!

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