Newborn Aaron - aged 21 days old

April 9, 2017

Newborn photoshoots are usually carried out in the studio but for Aaron I ventured on a 200 mile round trip.  Aaron shares his house with his mum and dad and big brother Matthew.  About four and a half years ago I ventured up to near Irvine, Scotland to take photos of Matthew and when I saw Aaron he looked so similar to Matthew at that age.

Aaron was still under 4 weeks old so it was still possible to get him into his deep sleep with the warmth and soothing techniques and then I was able to position his hands and the rest of his little body for the photos. 

His range of expressions whilst taking photos were brilliant, from the little smile whilst asleep to the cheeky yawn whilst taking a photo with his brother.  He may be similar in looks to his brother and I think he's going to be like his brother in another way, he's a really lovely little boy like Matthew.

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